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Former Citadel CIO, Tom Miglis, Joins RQD Clearing’s Board of Directors After Series A Funding

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE) – RQD* Clearing, LLC (RQD), a leading correspondent clearing services provider, welcomes Tom Miglis, former Chief Information Officer of Citadel and current Investment Partner at Nyca Partners, to its Board of Directors following a successful Series A financing round led by Nyca Partners and ABN Amro Clearing Investments.

Tom Miglis is renowned for his innovative approach to integrating technology with trading systems and improving market efficiency. His association with RQD marks a significant step in advancing RQD’s mission to deliver innovative clearing solutions.

Tom expressed enthusiasm about joining RQD, stating, “Clearing firms have remained stagnant and unable to modernize due to their reliance on outdated, third-party technology. By controlling its codebase, RQD can build unique solutions giving market participants exactly what they want.”

Michael Sanocki, CEO of RQD, commented, “With Tom joining our team, we are taking a significant stride in enhancing our commitment to client-focused initiatives. At RQD, we prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our clients and their customers, ensuring an unparalleled clearing and custody experience. Tom’s expertise aligns with our vision, propelling us towards continuous innovation and sustained growth.”

About RQD Clearing:

RQD is a modern correspondent clearing provider that offers clearing, custody, and execution solutions designed to meet the needs of today’s dynamic market participants. Built entirely on cloud-native, real-time technology, RQD can quickly and seamlessly enhance its platform, adapt to regulatory changes and offer a more efficient implementation that scales as clients grow. In addition to portfolio margin, RQD supports U.S. equities, options, ETFs, and other securities, catering to broker-dealers that service retail, institutional, and active traders, foreign financial institutions, and proprietary trading firms.

To learn more about RQD’s clearing and custody solutions, please visit www.rqdclearing.com or contact us at [email protected].

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