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​​WatersTechnology: Post-Trade in the Cloud – Startup RQD Aims to Reimagine Clearing

For firms frustrated by the fact that trades executed in microseconds can take all day to be reflected in their risk profiles or margin requirements, there’s light at the end of the tunnel: A new player in the US clearing space, RQD Clearing, which will formally launch tomorrow, November 30, says its cloud-based technology platform can update all relevant data in real time, providing greater transparency, better risk management, and better service to clients, at a time when the post-trade landscape in general is undergoing a raft of changes and under greater scrutiny.

“We’re seeing a spotlight on post-trade and settlement across all asset classes,” says Stephen Bruel, senior analyst on the market structure and technology team at research firm. “For example, with the prospect of shortened settlement cycles, the industry needs to look at all post-trade settlement work that will need to take place. So the post-trade space is definitely emerging in importance.”

In fact, Bruel says there’s so much focus on post-trade right now that the industry is at an inflection point that may create the opportunity for new, disruptive players such as RQD to emerge.

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